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Indo Wings Private Limited

Indo Wings Private Limited is a leading manufacturer of advanced Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Anti-UAVs, also a ground breaker in providing drone services for various industries. Pioneering innovation in advanced aerospace technology, our R&D team has developed wide range of market leading drones and anti-drone systems. We also possess technological expertise in successful application of GIS solutions for multiple sectors.

With a high endurance multi-rotor, a long-range fixed wing aircraft, and agricultural drones with ‘adaptive intelligence’, our products have satisfied market leaders across sectors. Efficient machinery and cutting-edge engineering enabled us to create an anti-drone solution with 3D MIMO radars. This system has a high refresh rate and ability to categorize flying objects accurately. Our experienced team of pilots and a dedicated data processing team have worked in various application areas for mapping in India.

Indo Wings Provides comprehensive enterprise solutions and UAVs for numerous uses such as monitoring, thermal imaging, 3D mapping, inspection, and surveillance. Our diverse team of experts implement Drone based missions across sectors such as mining, city administration, public utilities, renewable energy, logistics, oil & gas, disaster management, and law & order. We have multiple international alliances and technology partners for specialised project implementation.



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Corporate Office:
D-41, Spinco Towers,
Sector 11, Noida, Gautam Buddha Nagar, (U.P.) 201301, INDIA